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Dalal Arti; Founder of Arti Studio
Arti Studio is a creative place where the beauty of art and nature collide. Here, I craft pieces featuring dried flowers and plants, capturing their charm and elegance. My love affair with flowers started in 2020, and since then, my passion has only grown, particularly for the art of drying flowers.
At Arti Studio, I not only celebrate the magic of nature, but I also share that enchantment through my art. I'm also keen on exploring and showcasing the diverse flora of Kuwait and other places I visit in my work.

At Arti Studio, every piece of art has a story to tell.

 I work to create pieces that are not only beautiful but meaningful as well.


In addition to the products, I also aim to collaborate with artists, designers, and other passionate creatives to create unique and inspiring pieces.


Some of my creations:

Bougainvillea's Different Shades

Blossoming Memories: To me, it's an artwork that showcases my personal journey through many moments in my life. Each bloom in this piece hails from a different country I've visited, including memorable occasions such as my honeymoon and a dear friend's birthday. These dried flowers and plants serve as tangible remnants of those experiences, each holding a special story. Together, they create a vibrant tapestry, a testament to love, friendship, and the joy of exploration. This piece is more than just a collection of botanical elements, it's a visual diary and a celebration of cherished memories in bloom.
Eternal Blossom - Flower Bouquet in Resin Cube
This piece called 'Eternal Blossom.' It's a 15.5cm x 7cm resin cube that showcases a beautiful flower bouquet, preserved since July 2021. I've dried each flower and hand-poured the clear resin to highlight their natural charm.
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