A Visit to the Collaborative Hub - Bahrain

Sharing my recent visit to Bahrain's Collaborative Hub for an exchange program with Safat Studios


This journey marked a significant milestone in my career as a botanical artist and educator, where I had the opportunity to present a talk titled 'Floral Impressions Across Borders: A Journey through Kuwait and Bahrain.' This presentation was not only a showcase of my work but also an exploration of the rich history and cultural significance of plant drying. The research I made has sparked my curiosity to enrich my art practice and connect more to my culture.

In my talk, I paid homage to the historical figures who have shaped the world of botanical preservation, with a special focus on Violet Dickson. Discussing these influences, I aimed to draw parallels between past and present practices, highlighting the evolution of this art form.

The visit also included conducting two workshops: 'Flower Drying' and 'The Flower Fossil'. These sessions were designed to offer hands-on experience in the art of botanical preservation, demonstrating both traditional and innovative techniques. The workshops were well-received, fostering a space for learning and exchange.

In addition to these engagements, I had the opportunity to explore several cultural sites in Bahrain, including the Pearls Pathway, the Old City, and the Post Office Museum. Each site offered a unique perspective on Bahrain's rich heritage and the integral role of nature and history in shaping its identity. These visits were not only personally enriching but also provided a broader context for my work in botanical arts.

One of my favorite parts from my stay in Bahrain was the visit to the old market where I got to see products crafted by local artists

As I return to Kuwait, I bring back not only memories but also a renewed commitment to my craft and a deeper appreciation for the shared artistic heritage that connects us across borders.


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